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【VIV MEA 2023】 | 2023 ABU Dhabi International Intensive Livestock Exhibition

2023 ABU Dhabi International Intensive Livestock Exhibition (VIV MEA 2023)


On November 20, 2023, a grand international livestock industry event - 2023 Middle East ABU Dhabi International Intensive Livestock Exhibition (VIV MEA 2023) was grand opened in ABU Dhabi International Convention and Exhibition Center. Held every two years, this high-profile exhibition attracts the attention of the global livestock industry and is an unprecedented event in the livestock industry in the Middle East.

At this exhibition, Beijing Enhalor exhibited its innovative products in Hall 9, stand 09.S066. As star products of Enhalor, Bioyeastar®4C/Halor Tid®/ Surfa Tid® are efficient, safe and green feed additives to provide farmers with better and more efficient farming solutions. Visitors from all over the world came to see the characteristics and advantages of Enhalor products, they felt the strong strength of our product development.


Innovative products from Enhalor

Bioyeastar®4C is an upgraded product of Bioyeastar with higher metabolite concentrations, lower additive amounts, and more economical use, which can improve feed palatability, regulate intestinal flora balance, and promote nutrient digestion.

Halor Tid® is a yeast peptide developed by the Enhalor team based on the yeast fermentation platform. It has the effect of enhancing animal immune function, improving intestinal health, inhibiting pathogens, especially against pathogenic E. coli, and is one of the effective alternatives for antimicrobial resistance.

Surfa Tid® is a microecological preparation with independent intellectual property rights, successfully developed by Enhalor Biotechnology Research Institute and Tsinghua University, which can improve the body's immunity and promote the health of animals.


During the exhibition, Enhalor's professional team held in-depth exchanges with visitors at the booth, sharing the company's technology and experience in the intensive livestock industry, and discussing future cooperation opportunities.


As a Chinese enterprise serving more than 80 countries and regions around the world, Enhalor looks forward to having more friends pay attention to us, also hopes to strengthen cooperation with global partners through the international platform to jointly promote the innovative and healthy development of animal nutrition industry. Let more countries know about animal nutrition enterprises from China and know Chinese enterprises.


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