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Babaozhu is the industry's first fermented liquid feed for piglet, which is launched by Enhalor Institute of biotechnology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences after more than ten years of research and development. Babaozhu selects high temperature resistant national patent strain, adopts leading full curing fermentation technology, and won the prize Scientific and Technological Achievements of Beijing Food Safety Project. This product is a effective solution to the pig weaning stress, achieve the perfect transition from milk to feed.

In 2008, Enhaolor entered the micro-ecology products market formally and invested 20 million yuan on the building of micro-ecology laboratory and two fermentation production lines.
In 2010, Cooperated with Microbiology Institute, the Chinese Academy of Sciences to screen strain, to obtain a patent species.
In 2014, Got the support of Beijing Food Safety Special Subject of Science and Technology, to research and develop biological feed.
In 2016, Babaozhu was put into market.

Test 1:
Selected 100 heads 28 day-old weaning piglets and divided into two groups, with 5 replicates per group and repeated 10 head pig, the control group were fed with solid feed, the test group were fed with Babaozhu and solid feed(5+2+7 mode). At 42 day of age, the weight gain of test group was more than control group 1.35Kg, an increase of 110%.

Test 2:
Selected 25 day-old weaning weak piglets and divided into two groups, the control group were fed with solid feed, the test group were fed Babaozhu and solid feed(5+5+18 mode). At 63 day of age, the weight gain of test group was more than control group 3.57Kg, an increase of 30%.

1. Feeding piglets in suckling period and on waning day, ad libitum;
2. After weaning, feeding Babaozhu 4-5 days, then gradually transited to solid feed. The transition period is 2-3 days. The specific feeding program see table below:

3. Packaging size: 20kg/ carton, 4 bags per carton;
4. Shelf life: 6 months.

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