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Meat-SF (Yeast Culture for cattle and mutton sheep) is the micro-ecological products made by patented strains (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) that are with outstanding fermentative capacity and best quality under a serious of fermentation process conditions. It is not only without any toxicity, side effects, residue or contamination, but also contains unidentified growth factors and many kinds of immunoregulation factors which can adjust the gastrointestinal microflora balance, serve the dual function as nutrition and health-care effect and it is a kind of environmentally-friendly green products.

Meat-SF is the micro-ecological product made by saccharomyces cerevisiae as the strain after fully anaerobic fermentation. It is mainly composed of yeast extracellular metabolism, variant medium after fermentation and few yeast cells without any activity.

To improve the palatability of feed and to increase feed consumption with a 10% increase per day.

To release stress response, stabilize the ruminal environment, reduce acidosis and the occurrence of diseases.

To stimulate the proliferation of ruminal cellulolytic bacteria and lactate-utilizing bacterium and to increase the digestibility of feed.

To absorb the mycotoxin in the feedstuff and to increase the meat quality. 

1. Proposed dosage:

2. Packaging size: 10kg/ bag;
3. Shelf life: 12 months.

Choose 600 mutton sheep (with the weight of 16 kilograms) and divide into two groups randomly. Basic ration for the control group and basic ration with Meat-SF for the test group (10g/one/day), the trial period is 150 days and the test results are as follows.
Table 1 The influence of Meat-SF to the growth performance, morbidity and economic efficiency of mutton sheep

Remark: The daily intake of fine feed is 1.2kg per one, the unit price is 2.5 yuan/kg and the live-weight of mutton sheep is calculated as 20 yuan/kg.

Choose 200 cattle and divide into two groups randomly. Basic ration for the control group and basic ration with Meat-SF for the test group (30g/one/day), the trial period is 100 days and the test results are as follows.

Table 2 The influence of Meat-SF to the growth performance, digestibility and economic efficiency of cattle

Remark: The daily intake of fine feed is 3.5kg per one and the unit price is 2.8 yuan/kg and the live-weight of cattle is calculated as 20 yuan/kg. Faeces score is 1-5, 3 means ideal, 1 means too loose and watery and 5 means too dry.

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