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Milk-SF (Yeast Culture for dairy cow) is the micro-ecological products made by high-performance saccharomycetes with specific medium after fully anaerobic fermentation under certain process conditions. It is mainly composed of yeast extracellular metabolism, variant medium after fermentation and few yeast cells without any activity. 

The first efficacy: to improve food consumption
Milk-SF can stimulate the proliferation of ruminal lactate-utilizing bacterium and cellulolytic bacteria, improve fiber digestibility, increase the combining of bacterial protein and stipulate feed consumption. It can increase the digestibility, reduce overfilling and the food consumption rate will be increased more than 3%.

The second efficacy:to adjust the ruminal function
The good anaerobic environment of the rumen will be beneficial for the growth of effective microbial community, the adjustment of micro-ecology balance, the increase of the capacity of volatile fatty acids, the reduction of lactic acid stack and the stability of pH value.

The third efficacy: to enhance immunity and to release stress response
β-glucan and mannan oligosaccharide in cytoderm of yeast can produce nonspecific immunity to diseases caused by bacteria and virus and stress response caused by environment. β-glucan can adhere, phagocytose, destroy and absorb toxin and virus invaded in the body and release hazardous substance in feed. It can adhere toxin in the plasma, reduce somatic cell counts, prevent mastitis, increase milk quality and improve reproductive performance.

In October, 2008, Enhaolor has entered the micro-ecology products market formally and invested 20 million yuan on the building of micro-ecology laboratory and two fermentation production lines.

In November, 2010, Enhalor joined hands with the Institute of Microbiology Chinese Academy of Sciences, the authoritative research institute of yeast in China, to develop yeast products used as feed that are with high quality and efficiency.

In September, 2012, the first saccharomyces cerevisiae strain which is acid-proof, heat resistance and high yield received the invention patent in China.

In December, 2013, Yeast Culture was formally put into the feedstuff category by the No.2038 Announcement of the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China. Yeast Culture will no longer be a kind of mysterious additive in China.

In January, 2014, the first batch of Yeast Culture was manufactured natively in China. Since then, dairy cows in China can eat fresh Yeast Culture.

1. Proposed dosage for dairy cows at each period:

2. Packaging size: 20kg/ bag;

3. Shelf life: 12 months.

Firstly, the assurance of technical development which is provided by the Micro-ecology Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the authoritative institute for micro-ecology research in China;

Secondly, the assurance of strain quality, high performance strain patented technology and preservation of strains by authoritative institute;

Thirdly, the assurance of manufacturing quality which is manufactured by Enhalor, the leading enterprise of lean production in feed industry in China. The quality traceability system will escort for your treasures;

Fourthly, the safety of feedstuff. The non-gmo corn steep liquor which is high quality is taken as the feedstuff. Enhalor shoulders her responsibilities in reducing food safety risks for consumers in China;

Fifthly, the advantage of local manufacturing, which assures freshness and steadiness with the guarantee of modern efficient logistics distribution;

Sixthly, the assurance of technical service. The comprehensive service experts team will assure you the “quality product and good method”, the accurate quality formula and the stable milk production performance.

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