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Enhalor has built a world-class animal nutrition enterprise with innovative scinece and technology, dedicated to develop four animal nutrients, including Premix, Stabilized VC, Yeast Culture and Fermented Liquid Feed for Piglet. Among them, premix include over one hundred products for livestock and poultry, aquatic animals and ruminate animals. The deep R&D foundation and sophisticated quality assurance system has enable our products to lead the industry. Stabilized VC includes two leading international brands: Halor C(Coated VC) and Aner C(VC Phosphate). They are sold in more than 60 countries in the world. Yeast Culture is a kind of micro-ecological product which can improve the gastrointestinal health of animals through nourishing of intestines and stomach. Derivative brand products include Bioyeastar, Milk-SF, Meat-SF and Jialejia. Fermented Liquid Feed for Piglet is a groundbreaking product in the industry and it is the specific research achievement of Science and Technology of Beijing Food Safety . This product can solve weaning stress of suckling piglets and achieve perfect transition from breast milk to feed.

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